Vision and Mission

The vision of GUMchurch is to actively live the example of Jesus.


We do this by practicing:

  • Radical Hospitality

  • Passionate Worship

  • Risk-taking Mission and Service

  • Intentional Faith Development

  • Extravagant Generosity

The values of the GUMchurch community.


We value questions and different perspectives.

GUMchurch is a safe place to ask difficult questions and express varying opinions. People are respected and able to participate in open and honest conversations.

 We value diversity.

We understand and appreciate that everyone has various and distinct gifts that are vital to the body of Christ. Therefore, we respect, listen to, and welcome all with love and support.

 We value the Bible and biblical scholarship.

We believe that the Bible is timeless and that its lessons shape our daily living. People of all ages are encouraged to engage in intentional faith development.

We value all people and treat each as having sacred worth.

We are called and challenged to love one another without exception. We are accountable to each other; forgive each other; and love, support, and encourage each other.

 We value living like Jesus as much as believing in Jesus.

Beliefs should positively impact the world through concrete actions. We use our spiritual gifts in service with others.