Missions and Community Outreach



GUMchurch values Risk-taking Mission and Service as an important part of  “actively living the example of Jesus“.  GUMchurch is a “Six Lane” church, meaning that our community strives to meet needs with financial support and special offerings in six specific lanes of mission as  recommended by the United Methodist Church. Check out how GUMchurch supports the six lanes below. Also check out the areas outside of the “Six Lanes” that GUMchurch supports.

In addition, the GUMchurch community is called to meet many other needs with the  donation of both time and talents. From mission trips and a community garden, to local volunteer teams and an open-to-all food pantry, the people GUMchurch value coming along side of people to build relationships and figure out how to best meet the needs of the people around us.

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Community Connections

GUMchurch has built many relationships with folks in the community and looks forward to building many more! These are some examples of how the people of GUMchurch come alongside our neighbors in the community:

Toys For Tots

GUMchurch serves as a distribution point for Toys for Tots and includes a meal, gift-wrapping, and activities for kids to do while their grown-ups “shopped”.

Hand2Hand Ministries Partnership

Providing weekly backpacks full of food for at-risk students at Hudsonville High School.

Community Game Night

Tons of fun meeting new people and playing different board and card games.

Dinner & a Movie

A free dinner followed by a screening of a family-friendly movie.

Family Fun Day at 3 Mile Project

GUMchurch welcomed families from all over to a free day of fun and food at 3 Mile Project.

Community Playdates

Scheduled times for parents to connect with other parents while the kiddos get some other kid interaction.

Date Nights

Extremely low cost childcare provided so parents can have a few hours of kid-free time.

Vacation Bible School

A week of learning and experiencing the love of God in a safe and over-the-top fun environment for kids.

And many more!!


GUMchurch's Six Lanes

Lane 1: Missionary Support

GUMchurch supports Missionary Helen Sheperd, who is currently serving in Mongolia.

Lane 2: Global Projects

GUMchurch supports:

Afghan Women’s & Children’s Ministry

Grace Hospice in Mongolia

Lane 3: National Projects

GUMchurch supports McCurdy Ministries in New Mexico

Lane 4: Hunger/UMCOR

GUMchurch supports:

United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

UMCOR Hurricane Emergency Response

UMCOR Phillipines

International Disaster Response

Lane 5: Cultural/Ethnic Churches and Ministries

GUMchurch supports La Nueva Esperanza, a primarily Hispanic UMC congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Lane 6: Conference and District Projects

GUMchurch supports these West Michigan organizations:

North End Community Ministry (NECM)

South End Community Outreach Ministries (SECOM)

United Methodist Community House

Wesley Fellowship at Grand Valley State University