Facebook Policy


Facebook Group Policy


When using and posting to the GUMchurch Facebook Group page, please keep the following in mind:


This group is for members and friends of GUM Church. Please consult the following guidelines before posting to the group.

The purpose of the group is to share information, ask questions and educate people about GUM Church and events at the church.

This is a public forum. Before posting, ask yourself: Is this something I would publicly share before 325 people in church on Sunday? If the answer is no, reconsider your post.

When sharing prayer concerns or other personal information please be sure to ask permission first. Helpful concern may also violate someone’s privacy.

Personal conversations are best reserved for the Face Book messaging app.

General concerns about the church, its policies, vision, mission, committee decisions, etc, should be addressed directly to church leaders. Such concerns may be directed to the pastor, church council, staff-parish relations committee, trustees, etc.

Constructive and thoughtful discussion is encouraged. Obviously, everyone will not always agree on everything. Everyone is encouraged to be thoughtful and respectful. Personal disagreements and arguments between individuals should be conducted face to face or by using the messaging app.

There are some subgroups of this group. Groups such as church and society, the choir, the REBELS (youth group) are not necessarily open groups. If you seek admission to those groups you may have to contact the person(s) who run those groups.

The group moderators, in consultation with the Staff-Parish Relations Committee, reserve the right to delete comments deemed inappropriate and / or remove from the page those who do not follow these guidelines.

(Submitted for church council review on December 16th, 2013)